Patient Testimonials

  • I came here to get help from nagging back pain. Not really intense, but very aggravating, almost like a really bad sunburn. Everyone here has been very professional and really concerned about getting positive results for me. I am very pleased to say that they have been successful. I am feeling much better now! I really want to thank all of the therapists for their concern and expert help. Its like Will Rogers says “If you done it, it ain’t bragging.”

    Richard T.

  • While here I learned how to properly exercise my core and back muscles to eliminate pain. These exercises also strengthen my core and upper back to the point where it was easier to raise my hands above my head holding light weights. The staff was very helpful and informative and taught me how to exercise on my own. They were courteous and professional.

    Reginald B.

  • Thank you so very much for your expertise and hard work. When I came to ATP, I had severe tingling in my arm and general weak balance when walking. The tingling is GONE, and my balance is steady, even walking up my pavers to my house. Thank you Josh.

    Patricia R.

  • When starting Physical Therapy, I questioned whether I would be able to continue coaching tennis. After falling last spring, I had continuous left knee pain. After completing two and half months of working with the Accelerate team of therapists, I feel I can keep up with my middle schoolers on the tennis court again!

    Mary S.

  • Each time I ran I experienced hip and leg pain. With the first visit the pain was significantly decreased. After five visits and two dry-needling sessions I am running with no pain. Accelerate Therapy consistently prove to be miracle workers. Thank you Jesse
    and Josh! PS. The exercises Jesse taught me I will continue to use. They make a difference in my strength and coordination!

    Kyna G.

  • Great experience! This is the second place I have been for therapy, here it has been so much better. I feel I have really had therapy on my foot. I can do so much more than before. My left foot has improved to the point I can do so many exercises and am walking much better. The staff here are wonderful people who will work with you!

    Judy Y.

  • After attending the shoulder pain workshop, I was convinced by the information provided that therapy would work for me. Every team member worked with me during my sessions. All were professional,
    well-versed, educational, and all-around great to work with. They put you through the paces, but that’s why you come. I highly recommend Accelerate Therapy and Performance, The staff will help you improve, as long as you are willing to do the work.

    Jeff T.

  • I came to accelerate with pain in my shoulder blade, lower back, and knee. Thanks to the excellent staff at ATP, the pain in my lower back is virtually gone, and the pain in my shoulder blade is slowly getting better. The staff taught me exercises that I can continue doing even after therapy. I highly recommend their services!

    Christina L.

  • When I first came in for therapy, my knee hurt most of the time. After one session with Jesse, it started to feel better. Josh, Jessica, and Jesse gave me exercises to strengthen my knee and now I can walk and play tennis with no pain.

    Chris T.

  • My name is Alexander Wood and my overall experience at ATP was a huge success. From coming in fresh out of a cast in a walking boot to slowly getting back to jogging/running. Jason, Josh, and both Jesse and Jessica with their hands on attention and professional advice really worked wonders. The Tech Mark was really helpful with
    his experience and guidance. The type of injury I had was really profound and the patience from everyone was really appreciated. Mrs. Kendra and Renee with their caring and warm welcomes helped also. I always felt comfortable throughout the recovery process. Only negative was the needling, and that is due to personal sweating and dislike for needles. Greatly appreciate the process. Thank you all.

    Alexander W.