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"I am beginning to feel better. I can tell my condition is improving. Thanks to you staff… Kim and Mitch. "
Jul 09, 2021
"The staff is extremely professional and know what they are doing. I would choose them over any physical therapy group in Salisbury!!"
May 07, 2021
"Very professional evaluations followed by therapy that is almost a The neck therapy is working really well. Mitch is a blessing to your business as in my case I need to know what ,why and how medical treatments are to affect me and Mitch seems to know this."
Feb 23, 2021
"This place is simply the best! I have seen different therapists over the years and no one has helped me. When I came here, I had no expectations anything would change. I am so impressed! Kim has been great at understanding what my body required and helped me find ways to strengthen areas that no one else has been able to do. Kim really puts her heart into her work and you can tell she loves what she does. This has been my experience with everyone that has worked with me. Brittney, Mitch and Jessica. I hope I have not left anyone out. Everyone here has a great attitude. I recommend this place to anyone! My legs are stronger than ever and my balance is improving everyday. Thanks All!"
Dec 17, 2020
"I am feeling better and do not have as much pain. I have had 3 back surgeries starting in 2004. I have 2 rods and 6 screws. The rods had to be bent because of the curve of my spine. I have been going to Accelerate for a short time. I would definitely tell people to go to Accelerate Therpy. They have improved the quality of my life."
Nov 21, 2020
"As an employee of Accelerate Therapy and Performance I can say I love my job! I love my patients and my coworkers which make getting up and spending my day here wonderful! Working here has opened more learning opportunities for me and my career and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity! "
Sep 01, 2020
"This is a test from E-rehab please skip in the control panel."
Mar 30, 2020

What Others Are Saying

When I began therapy, I was experiencing significant foot and hip pain from running other strenuous activities. Since continuing PT, I can run and complete most activities without any pain.

2nd time I have came and I will come back again if needed. Everyone is excellent. I have recommended Accelerate Therapy to several people and will continue to do so.

Kim has been a caring, knowledgeable, and motivating therapist. Her approach makes me want to do my homework.

Jessica facilitated my ability to perform exercises which diminished my neck and back pain. She taught me a technique to resolve the ulnar nerve tingling and aching discomfort. I was impressed with her insight in developing a plan of care that resulted in such a reduction in physical limitations that I am essentially pain free and happy.

P.S. I no longer feel the need to see a neurosurgeon for surgical treatment. Thank you, Jessica!

Thank you so much to everyone at Accelerate Physical Therapy! Everyone that I came into contact with was exceptional. Over the last several weeks of coming to therapy, my vertigo has decreased. I highly recommend Accelerate Therapy to anyone who is experiencing issues.

After an arthroscopy surgery to repair a torn meniscus and cartilage clean-up, I had very limited mobility and strength. The therapy I received here was so very effective. Kim and Jessica were exceptional in their diligence and professionalism. They pushed me to full recovery enabling me to continue chasing my goals. Thank you very much!

ATP has provided excellent service. The tools and information given to me have allowed me to continue toward a pain free lifestyle. The staff listened and worked the areas of pain, stress, and tightness. I would recommend ATP to others and come back myself.

Thanks to the ATP team for getting me back to my running goals again! I really appreciate your helping me work through several issues that were keeping me from enjoying the sport that I love so much!

I have had a great experience both times I’ve been at Accelerate! I feel much stronger and much more prepared to be cleared for my upcoming season! Thank you, Brittany and Jessica, for all your help in my improvements!

The staff was incredible in their knowledge and treatment. They were very tentative to my comfort and level of pain or no pain I had. They kept excellent track and records of my progress. They were focused on getting me to my goal in the time set. My experience with Accelerate was wonderful. The team is fantastic. Thank you so much!

This is my second time being assisted by ATP with an issue requiring PT. Both times the staff have been knowledgeable and helpful resolving the problem. I came in with running related heel and ankle pain. After several weeks we identified my problem and have resolved the issue. I also have a good course of how to avoid the problem in the future.

I am so happy to be free of vertigo. I had it for 2 plus months and after 1 month here at ATP it has stopped. Thank you, Jessica, for working on my balance as well to keep me safe. The staff at ATP is amazing!

Great place, Staff Very Friendly!

Mitch gave me the confidence to keep pushing when the pain got bad. I would recommend ATP as a #1 Option for therapy!

Thanks to the excellent care I have received from the outstanding staff at Accelerate Therapy and Performance, the constant back pain I experienced throughout the last year has been nearly alleviated. All of the therapists have great skills at choosing the most beneficial exercises for their clients. They have amazed me with their ability to identify, target and give special attention to problem muscles. And they foster our improvement in a cheerful, humorous and upbeat environment! They’re the best!!!

When I first came to ATP, I was in a lot of pain, nervous when I was going out, even becoming depressed. I was worried that the pain would not go away or that I would need surgery, that was only sometimes effective. But as soon as I met the team, I immediately felt reassured. I am rarely in pain anymore. They have been so great. I can accomplish all of the things this injury has taken away. I could not even write without pain before therapy. I am so grateful to these guys for everything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas!

The therapy and professional staff were great. I enjoyed every session due to the caring staff. I learned exercises that I can do at home to continue my progress. ATP is the Best!

A truly wonderful place. The whole staff is nothing but friendly. They take the time to address your problems, to help as best as they can. I felt like part of the family the entire time I’ve been here. It is a fun and friendly place. I will definitely be back! Thank you to Mitch, Jessica, Jesse, Britttany, Kim, Leslie, and Carmen (I hope I didn't forget anyone!) You have all helped me tremendously.

I am so grateful that I came here; trying to avoid surgery. The improvement I have made is unbelievable. Thank you to everyone, especially Jessica, Kim, and Mitch. These folks are so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thanks so much!

I came in because I was having pain on my left hip and shoulder (right) discomfort. At ATP they knew how to help me. They knew what was causing my pain and discomfort. Today I feel better and know what to do to keep getting stronger, healthier and function better.

Thanks again to ATP. You guys rock!

A truly wonderful place. The whole staff is nothing but friendly. They take the time to address your problems, to help as best as they can. I felt like part of the family the entire time I've been there. It is a fun and friendly place. Iwill definitely be back! Thank you to Mitch, Jessica, Jess, Brittany, Kim, Leslie, and Carmen (I hope I didn't forget anyone!) You have all helped me tremendously.

After arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and cartilage cleanup. I had very limited mobility and strength. The therapy I received here was very effective! Kim and Jessica were exceptional in their diligence and professionalism. They pushed me to full recovery enabling me to continue chasing my goals. Thank you very much!

I was having ankle problems before physical therapy. It would be hard for me to finish cross country and track races. Now, I can finish them with little to no pain.

I had lower back and sciatic pain in my left leg. After one session with Josh, I could tell a huge difference. After only 4 weeks, I have no pain and know what exercises to do to relieve my symptoms.

Thank you, Josh and ATP, for helping me get back to my active pain-free self.

The people at ATP have been very attentive and helpful during my adjustment to a new left knee. The questions asked and appropriate exercises have helped me recover confidence in the know and started me toward full usage. The advice and guidance provided and the piece of mind from knowing ATP will be there and give me assurance that my programs will continue.

Beore physical therapy, I had issues with my hip, neck and shoulders. Physical Therapy was great and I would recommend to anyone living with pain. I have been able to return to my active lifestyle.

I returned to ATP in 2017 to improve strength and mobility in my knee after replacement surgery in early 2016. I had full mobility after therapy and having gained strength and added mobility after therapy here with Jeny in 2017! Jeny and everyone at Accelerate has been a pleasure to work with and are excellent therapists.

I would highly recommend therapy here for anyone needing it.

Thanks to all of you at Accelerate!

As a result of a all, I injured my right ankle. After wearing a boot for 2 weeks and an ankle brace for my ankle, it was "frozen" with limited amount of movement. Several weeks into therapy I started gaining more movement and use of my foot. Jeny, Josh and Glenn were AWESOME!! I couldn't have received better treatment, attention or advice on getting back to my normal. I promise to take care of myself and not fall again! Honestly, my experience here has been wonderful. I will definitely refer you to others.

I came to ATP with a shoulder issue in September 2017. The staff here can really work miracles. They are super nice, friendly and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone. They made me whole again.

I have dealt with lower back pain for 15 years. That pain would shoot down my right leg. Working with Dr. Jeny, I have learned how to take all of the pain away with no surgery or meds.

I cam to Accelerate Therapy and Performance with a shoulder issue. It turn when I did anything. Josh and Glen were fantastic. They were very patient, caring and extremely professional. I will miss everyone and a place of champions!

Before therapy, I had pain running down my left leg. Since therapy, my pain is gone and I have returned to my everyday activities. My personal therapist, Josh was an awesome guy to work with and all the staff is very friendly.

I dislocated my shoulder at work and ATP was there to help me through every step of the way. They helped me gain my strength back to return to work. Thanks to ATP and for all the help thru my recovery!

Before I came to ATP, I could barely get clothes and shoes on without experiencing pain. Now, I am able to run, jump and lift weights without experiencing any kind of pain. I feel great!

When I started physical therapy, I could not site for longer than 5-15 minutes. Josh and Glen put me through a series of extensive sessions and strengthening exercises that have significantly improved my ability to play my favorite sport, Pickleball, and travel longer distances in a car. I am very appreciative of the help Accelerate Therapy Performance has given me. Thank you!

I cam to therapy after surgery on my shoulder. Jen and Josh have been great to work with. They are always friendly and upbeat about my progress and always encouraging when I felt I was not doing my best. Thank you for all your kind words and hard work.

I came to ATP after back surgery for spinal stenosis. I was unsure of the proper ways to move and exercise. Delaine, Jeny, Glen and Josh helped me with exercises for my core. I feel stronger and more confident as I work to return to normal workouts. Thanks for your great help!

I had a partial knee replace and before I started therapy, I was not able to exercise as I should. It was painful for me to do more than twenty leg lifts and had trouble with stairs. Thanks to the wonderful crew here, I have better flexibility and can do most anything I want. Give this team an A+.

When I came in, I could not throw a football with my grandson. Now, we are back in the game. Thanks for the therapy team at ATP. They did a great job!

I have turned to ATP multiple times for my physical therapy needs with my shoulder. ATP is a great place with awesome people and trainers that make the physical therapy as enjoyable as possible. I might not always look forward to the actual therapy, but I do always look forward to all the great conversations and laughs we have during therapy. I highly recommend ATP!!

I came here looking for a sensible solution to a nagging lower back issue (pain, stiffness).

Everyone here worked with me to develop an exercise regimen that helped to strengthen my core and increase my flexibility. I am extremely pleased with the results.

When I first got here, I was having problems with weight lifting. Now, I can lift, push and pull 100 pounds. I feel I have gotten back to 90%.