About Us

Manual Therapy

All our therapists are manual therapists. This means we use hands on treatments to help you meet your goals. Manual therapy uses mechanical stimulus to create improvement in the function and structure of injured cells, which causes healing of damaged tissue and reduces pain. Deep healing occurs over time with improved circulation and mechanical function of your body. Manual therapy facilitates this healing process.

Why Us?

Maybe you haven’t started the process of doing something about your injury because you dread the process. For most patients, this is how it goes:

  • You get injured.
  • You call their primary care doctor (and probably wait 1-2 weeks, if not more, for an appointment).
  • Your primary care doc refers you to an orthopedic specialist or surgeon. You call the orthopedist’s office and get an appointment in 4 weeks, if you’re lucky.
  • The orthopedist sends you to their own PT clinic, which takes another 1-2 weeks to get an appointment.

We’ll do the math for you…It’s about 2 months before you receive treatment. We guarantee that we’ll start fixing your problem within 48 hours or faster after calling our office. Pick up the phone and make your appointment or ask a therapist a question.

The Accelerate Mission

Better…Stronger…Faster. That’s what you deserve, and that’s what you should expect. Accelerate Therapy and Performance is committed getting you to your goals better, stronger, and faster. All of this means you have an awesome experience when you are with our therapists. We treat you like we would want to be treated. Your goals matter! We treat you like family, because you are family. We will support, motivate, and guide you to get back to normal better…stronger…faster.