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Our 4 Phase Healing Program
Physical Therapy Salisbury NC
Phase I:
Pain Management

In this phase, we focus on setting your success plan and goals for physical therapy. Also, this phase focuses on reducing pain and inflammation while restoring movement. Depending on the severity of your issue or how long you have been dealing with your pain this phase can last six visits or less.

Physical Therapy Salisbury NC
Phase II:
Corrective Movement

With a decrease in pain and inflammation you will begin to work on specifically designed movements to improve you body's flexibility, strength and mobility.

Physical Therapy Salisbury NC
Phase III:
Functional Restoration

This is where all the hard work you put in Phases 1 and 2 pay off. Focusing on your success plan and goals we will custom design and functional training plan to achieve the outcomes and goals you set in Phase 1.

Physical Therapy Salisbury NC
Phase IV:
Injury Prevention

Good Work! Now that you are back to doing what you want and love to do we want you to stay that way. We will make sure you have a reasonable movement plan to focus on preventing injuries and keeping on the path of wellness and health.

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  • Thank you Josh and ATP for helping me get back to my active pain free self.

    Angel T.

  • I was having ankle problems before physical therapy were it would be hard for me to finish cross country and track races. Now I can finish them with little to no pain.

    Allie J.

  • When I first got here I was having problems with weight lifting. Now I can lift, push and pull 100 pounds. I feel I have gotten back to 90%.

    Virginia W.

  • The staff here can really work miracles. They are super nice, friendly, and very professional. I would highly recommend to anyone.

    Deryl J.

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