Welcome to Accelerate Therapy & Performance

Over the course of ATP's history there have been many changes in our healthcare community, yet we have remained an independent Physical Therapy owned practice that has grown and thrived because we have established a reputation of producing the results our patients and referral sources expect over the last nine years.

Our success is predominantly based on the quality of our organization and the team who comprise ATP. We are extremely proud of the therapists and customer support team who provide care for our patients and understand how to work together to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our experienced staff has had a broad education and years of practice to understand our patients from their perspective. We can help you meet your goals!

Services that we specialize in:

  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Fitness
  • Pre/Post Op
  • FCE Testing
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(336) 237-0597
Do you have lower back pain or sciatica?

Learn to manage lower back pain without medication, injections, or surgery at our free lower back pain and sciatica workshop.

Do you have problems with Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain?

Find out if a rotator cuff tear is causing your shoulder pain, and what to do about it without medications, injections, or surgery

Read what your neighbors have to say...

  • I've had great results with therapy. Great staff. Very attentive, would recommend to everyone!

    Jimmy B.

  • I was having ankle problems before physical therapy were it would be hard for me to finish cross country and track races. Now I can finish them with little to no pain.

    Allie J.

  • When I first got here I was having problems with weight lifting. Now I can lift, push and pull 100 pounds. I feel I have gotten back to 90%.

    Virginia W.

  • When I came I was having lower back pain that shot down the back of my legs. Now I have very little pain and usually none down my legs.

    Glenn S.

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